About Prawnie

G’day, thanks for havin’ a Captain Cook at me blog.

The Raw Prawn is derived from the great Australian sayin’: “Don’t come the raw prawn with me, sunshine!”… which roughly means “Don’t expect me to swallow this bulldust you’re telling me!”

And I’m such a sceptical bugger I say that a lot, so me nickname is Prawnie.

But I’m a friendly bloke, a good mate to all. Workin’ at sea means I have plenty of time to think. Mostly about football.

One day I’m gonna be on the Jimmy Fallon Show, making winning picks for all the Septic Tanks (Yanks).

My original dream was to be on Letterman, but ya gotta move with the times.

What would I know about NFL? Plenty.

Yeah I’m a true blue Aussie, but NFL is in my DNA.

My Gran is from Ohio. She tried to dodge the Great Depression by emigrating to Sydney, Australia. Don’t worry, we copped it pretty hard here too, she didn’t have two brass razoos to rub together.

But before she left the USA, she was a big Dayton Triangles fan because she worked at the factory that owned the team.

The way she told it, the Triangles won the very first game of NFL. Went downhill after that but she never stopped listening to the football on shortwave radio.

Her son, my dad, grew up to love the game and I love the game. I’ve got a Triangle tattooed on my arse. If you believe that I’ve got an Opera House to sell ya. Haha! The triangle is on my arm.

I’m a Packers man. There, I’ve said it up front.

But that won’t effect our relationship, because I love making money more than I love the Packers.

And if you stick around you’ll realise I’m good for your hip pocket.

This page is about conversation, observation and picking winning football bets.

From time to time you’ll hear from me mates:

Yabby, Septic, Jungle, Charmer and Punchy.

That’s five mates and no one should ever have more.

This way when we all gather round, each shout is a six-pack of stubbies.

Go wider than that and you could have some bastard runnin’ agendas… and you’ll definitely run out of beers.

Never above ya

Never below ya.

Always with ya.



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