FRESH CATCH – 02-07-2017

FRESH CATCH – 02-07-2017


Jets GM Mike Maccagan has been flat out like a lizard drinking handing out pink slips this arvo — sounds like he’s told both David Harris and Eric Decker to nick off. Decker I get — he spent more time at the doctor’s surgery than he did on the pitch last season, and you knew the razor gang was going to come for his contract. But Harris had been the sheep’s back for some miserable Jets teams for a decade, and it’s not like they’ve got a ring-in ready to take over. And worse than just giving Harris the arse is the way the Jets did it — telling him to rack off after practice…and three months after the start of free agency. They would have been cashed up just the same if they’d let him go a while ago, and now Harris has no real suitors. I’m guessing he’s cranky as.


Speaking of quid, Jimmy Garoppolo says he’s open to nutting out a new deal with the Patriots. On the surface, this doesn’t make any sense — if ever there were a guy who needs a seachange, it’s Tom Brady’s backup. But I’m guessing Garoppolo’s she’ll-be-right approach just might pay off. At some point, age will finally catch up with Brady, and when that happens, Belichick will give him the hoo-roo pretty quickly. I’m guessing that’s why the Patriots didn’t flick on Garoppolo a couple months back when they could have netted a first round pick. Garoppolo’s had the rough end of the pineapple this long — if he can hang on one more season, I reckon he’ll finally get his chance.


The player I’m most looking forward to seeing this year is Marshawn Lynch, who sounded absolutely stoked to be back in Oakland when he fed the chooks today. I reckon he was just knackered after his time in Seattle — with all those clicks on his ticker, he was nothing more than a shot duck in his final season. He needed a year to do bugger all. Too right he went back home — it’d be absolutely unreal if he could lead the Raiders to a Super Bowl before they choof off.




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