FRESH CATCH – 05-07-2017

FRESH CATCH – 05-07-2017

Sounds like Richard Sherman is finally pulling his head in. About bloody time. He spent last season acting like a complete drongo, rubbishing his quarterback, his coaches, and the Seahawks’ offense. Pete Carroll told him enough with the ear-bashing, and it sounds like the message has gotten through. Too right — better for all parties this way. The Seahawks weren’t going to find a replacement if they flicked him on in the off-season, and Sherman wouldn’t have found a team that would put up with all his dramas. He’s got it pretty cushie in Seattle with that scheme they run, and I think the team has a real chance to muster up one more Super Bowl run.


The journos are desperate for a good yarn this time of year, so expect to see a lot of headlines about Myles Garrett’s latest injury. Cleveland fans, I say don’t get off your bike about this one. Yes, he’s had a dodgy ankle before, but it’s not like he’s some dole bludger who’s going to chuck a few sickies just because he’s a bit banged up. He’s game as Ned Kelly, and he’ll come right in plenty of time.


DeAngelo Hall has agreed to a pretty good haircut to stay in Washington — his salary’s being trimmed from $4.25 million to $2.3 million. I don’t know how much more he has to offer out on the pitch after all his time at the doctor’s surgery the last two years, but it sounds like the Skins want him around the sheds.




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