FRESH CATCH – 06-07-2017

FRESH CATCH – 06-07-2017

Tennessee needed a veteran receiver — that stood out like dogs’ balls. And Eric Decker needed a home after the Jets told him to piss off. So no surprise the Titans and the veteran receiver nutted out a one-year deal. But everyone who thinks this blow-in makes the Titans a serious threat to New England in the AFC, just hit the anchors. Sure, Decker’s solid — when he’s in good nick, which isn’t too often. And the rest of the receiving corps is a bunch of grommets, so I’m still not sold they’ve got enough weapons for Marcus Mariota.


Here’s more proof the draft is no more scientific than playing the pokies — Vince Young’s been flicked on by his CFL team. It wasn’t that long ago the Titans took Young number three overall, and he looked dead-cert to be a franchise cornerstone — he’s built like a brick shithouse, he can run like a brumby, and he’s got an arm that can fling it over the coathanger. Things started out OK, but then it all went to piss. He had a few kangaroos loose in the paddock, and good-on him for getting that sorted. But there were plenty of other problems as well — he ended up totally skint because he couldn’t manage his brass, he got into barneys with his coaches, and he got caught by the booze bus. He lobbed up to Canada looking to make a fresh start, but that’s off the boil now that he’s done his leg.


Daniel Snyder, would you stump up and pay Kirk Cousins already? What aballs-up this is turning into. I think it all goes back to not having a real offsider — he won’t give the GM job to Doug Williams or anyone else. Either Snyder’s really got tickets on himself, or maybe he just couldn’t organize a root in a brothel. Just you watch — Cousins will get tired of all this mucking around, he’ll get toey and go walkabout. And then Snyder’ll be up a gumtree. Too right, I say.




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