FRESH CATCH – 07-07-2017

FRESH CATCH – 07-07-2017

And half your luck, Derek Carr — he just signed for a motza. He was next up in the quarterback queue, so of course he was going to get top quid. I’ll bet you his QB mates around the league will be grinning like shot foxes right now — it’s going to be open slather on contracts. Guys like Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins will be able to nut out even bigger deals than the one Carr got. And well done to Reggie McKenzie for getting this done, but there’s plenty of hard yakka ahead — Khalil Mack will be rocking up soon to have a bit of a chin wag about his deal, too.


Clark Hunt…please explain. What an arse-up in Kansas City with Hunt deciding to bullet GM John Dorsey. I didn’t see that coming. Dorsey did the hard yards to rebuild that franchise — three trips to the playoffs the last four years, after three trips in the 15 years prior to that. And granted, their salary cap picture isn’t grouse right now, but it was a dog’s breakfast when Dorsey got there — he’s improved it heaps. I’m guessing there’s a lot more to this yarn than we know right now?—?either Dorsey was asking for the big bikkies, or maybe he was just bushed and wants to have a bit of a muzz before making a run for the Green Bay job, if it ever opens up.


Devonta Freeman, what a drongo. He thinks he would have been the Super Bowl MVP if Tom Stuffing Brady hadn’t engineered that comeback. Pigs arse, I say. Firstly, Matt Ryan would have gotten the gong — we all know quarterbacks usually get those things. But more importantly, it was Freeman’s cock-up, more than anything else, that cost his team the game. If Freeman bails up his man on that third-down pass, Atlanta would be champs right now. And the fact Freeman’s arching up won’t sit too well in the sheds. I think his comments are going to leave a few teammates ropeable. This Super Bowl hangover isn’t going to go away for the Falcons — just ask the Seahawks about that.




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