Power Rankings

Post Draft, Power Rankings

Post Draft, Power Rankings
  1. Cleveland Browns

Is Garrett a sure fire thing (yes) and who plays the most import position in football? Still too many unanswered questions but they should get to six wins this year. Letting Pryor walk was a mistake and what to do with Osweiler? Kenny Britt had a great year with the Rams last year but dumping Barnage was also a mistake. This team needed experience on the field and Barnage was a reliable target.

  1. Chicago Bears

Trubisky was a reach and Fox needs results or will be on the hot seat within six games. The windy city are in need of a revival and with Cutler gone, there should be smiles all round. Alshon Jeffrey high tailed it out of Chicago as well so that offsets Cutlers departure. Markus Wheaton might add some spark to the passing game and Glennon can certainly throw the ball. I don’t see that many wins but I think they’ll fight hard for John Fox.

  1. San Francisco 49ers

An improving roster thanks to a great draft by rookie GM John Lynch. Has copied Elway’s gunslinger style in the front office and on the surface, looks to have paid dividends. Different story once the season starts but they should improve on last season. How can they not? All Aussies will be rooting? Hard for Solomon Thomas. I’m waiting for Reuben Foster to start wreaking havoc for the Niners. This kid is going to be a superstar.

  1. New York Jets

Brandon Marshall and Ryan Fitzpatrick are gone and Eric Decker is returning from injury. Todd Bowles has his hands full with this roster and he needs his draft picks to contribute from day one other wise he may be facing some heat from the front office and a very high draft pick for his (or the teams) troubles. I’m pessimistic about the 2017 Jets chances.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Fournette is a big time running back in the making and will contribute from day one. He could be this seasons Zeke if all goes well. A lot of upside and if Blake Bortles can improve his accuracy, a wild card is not beyond this team. Calais Campbell got the big money contract and now he has to earn it. If he does, then the AFC South is in play for the Jags.

  1. Buffalo Bills

New coach in Sean McDermott and still unanswered questions surrounding Sammy Watkins. Great on his day but too injury prone to expect top ten WR money. Shady is still in town but can Tyrod Taylor carry the load at QB? Tre’Davious White looks to be a first day started at CB so there will be expectation in the secondary. Zay Jones will also be on the field from day one at WR. I can’t see them getting near the Patriots in the AFC East, possibly the weakest division in football.

  1. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikes have a big horn! How good is that? Sam Bradford will probably be taking snaps as the number one QB again as Teddy Bridgewater looks long odds to suit up this season and may not play again. I really dig Diggs. A real flyer and has great hands (nice nails too). Reiff was a handy pick up from division rival Detroit on an area that needed immediate attention. Latavius Murray is a quality signing to replace an aging Adrian Peterson and has far more tread on the tyres than his predecessor. I have a soft spot for the Vikes so I hope they do well this year.

  1. New Orleans Saints

Adrian Peterson has come to the Big Easy but Brandon Cooks has high tailed it to New England. How came out better? On the field, I say the Patriots. Drew Brees is a high risk/high reward QB. He does throw an intercept or two but doesn’t know how to play conservative football and I love that in a QB. Of course, my opinions matters for little but if I followed a team in the NFC, the Saints would probably be it.

  1. Los Angeles Rams

New coach and the youngest in the league. Will be interesting to see how he fares with the Rams. Gurley needs to step it up and Goff is in year two. What sort of QB will we see? Rumour has it he has grown on and off the field. Not sure what that means? Is it a height thing or a leadership thing? Or both? The Rams have some pieces like Gurley and Robert Woods on O and Aaron Donald on D. Andrew Whitworth was a good signing from the Bengals and don’t forget, they have highest paid CB in the league in Trumaine Johnson. The NFC West doesn’t seem as tough as a few seasons back so a good season may see the Rams fighting for a division title or a wild card spot.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

Bruce Arians is an angry man. Carson Palmer is an old man. Larry Fiztgerald is a cool man. Calais Campbell has gone, man. David Johnson is still in town so the Cards should be a tough proposition from week to week but I question their depth and the durability of an aging Palmer and on that basis, I think they miss the playoffs again with an 8-8 record.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco is a conundrum to me. Not all that mobile but with a great arm and can make all the throws. Seems very nonchalant and unemotional at times. Perriman needs to step it up and Mike Wallace is still fast but sometimes inconsistent. Baltimore have always been known for the ferocious D and with Suggs and Mosley still healthy, they can impose their will on opposing sides and create turnovers. Tough division but the Ravens are always contending and one team that give the Patriots fits.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers

The L.A. Chargers have assembled a quality roster and Phillip Rivers should have no problems scoring points with the weapons at his disposal, none more valuable than. Mike Williams and Keenan Allen will have great years and with Gates still playing at an elite level, the Chargers should create mismatches all over the field. Gordon out of the backfield will also compliment the passing game. Bosa can be the next J.J. Watt. He is destructive and they will need him in the toughest division in the NFL.

  1. Cincinatti Bengals

What to make of the Bengals? They lost a lot of talent this off season but they have the fastest man in the NFL via the draft in John Ross. A.J. Green should be back to full health and the addition of controversial RB Joe Mixon will be a moving headline throughout the season. Time will tell if his character issues cause embarrassment to the Bengals. Red Dalton has a decent set of weapons at his disposal and the Bengals are still looking for their first ever playoff win. Will this year bring it? I doubt it.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Having Andrew Luck is a god send but I still don’t think this team is a contender. Wild card maybe and if the Colts can’t keep him upright, then they’ll be high on the draft board next year. They have a solid WR corps but a pourous D. Jabaal Sheard should help with the run stuffing on the D line and Hankins on the O line should help Luck stay on his feet. Personally, I don’t think Luck has lived up to expectations and throws too many erratic passes for a QB being paid top dollar. Yes, he is Manning’s successor and has big shoes to fill, but his feet are still about four sizes too small.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

Here’s a team that embraced the off-season whole heartedly. Alshon Jeffrey and LaGarette Blount are enough to make any team better. Wentz will need these weapons and if Ertz can get back to being fully fit, then the Eagles will have a multi faceted offense that will scare a lot of teams.

  1. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers will look different in 2017, mainly because of Christian McCaffrey. He went at pick number eight and a lot of teams were eyeing him due to his versatility with Stanford. How that translates to the NFL remains to be seen but this kid has so much upside you’d be mad not to take a chance on him. If the Panthers can keep Kelvin Benjamin away from KFC and get him fit, then Cam can start annoying the shit out of everyone again!

  1. Denver Broncos

Two seasons removed from Superbowl L and the Broncos are in a state of flux. They have an elite D and a pourous O line that would kill the likes of Brady and Rodgers, let alone Siemian and Lynch. Was the draft good enough to address all their needs? I don’t think so and they could end up last in a tough division of improving sides. Vance Joseph has an interesting camp and pre-season to make the Broncos contenders again because Broncos fans have very high expectations and two years out of the playoffs will be an unmitigated disaster in the mile high city.

  1. Tennessee Titans

If Mariota stays fit then the Titans will push the Texans for the AFC south. This is a team improving at a rate of knots and give you 60 minutes of honest football every week. Rishard Matthews will be joined by first round pick Corey Davis as the WR1 and WR2. Mike Mularkey is doing a bag up job in Nashville and if he can continue to get DeMarco Murray to produce, Mariota and his agility will give opposing teams fits on a weekly basis. It’s playoffs or bust for the Titans in 2017.

  1. Miami Dolphins

What to make of Ryan Tanehill? Hot some days. North pole others. He has Julius Thomas to pass to this year after he landed in Miami in a trade with the Jags. When healthy and switched on, he can create so many mismatches and with a very good trio of WR’s (Parker, Stills and Jarvis) and Ajayi in the backfield, the Dolphins would be expected to go deeper into the playoffs than what they did last year. No excuses Miami.

  1. Detroit Lions

The loss of Megatron is still being felt in the motor city. Stafford has all the necessary tools individually, but he is coming up short with a pound the rock RB. Tate and Jones are above average but I think they might regress this season and lose a lot of close games through Stafford trying to do too much. I hope he proves me wrong because I love watching QB’s with great arms make even greater throws.

  1. Washington Redskins

Cousins is back and franchised to make a hefty $23 million USD this season. Do you know how many shrimp cocktails that is? Terelle Pryor joins the Skins and should compliment Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed. Rob Kelley returns as RB and should continue to improve to give the Skins a legitimate chance at taking the NFC East, which has improved dramatically over the past two seasons. I still believe Ryan Kerrigan is the difference maker in Washington. He is elite and will be primed for another great season.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

My smokey to make a deep playoff run this season. Winston, Evans, O.J Howard, Jackson and the muscle hamster on O makes for a scary proposition. They were improving last season and will challenge for the division title this season. Howard is my tip for ROTY. Pewter Power!

  1. Houston Texans

Watson under centre to start the season? Why not I say. The Texans have the best D in football so improving the O was a natural move by Bill O’Brien. They will have some competition in the division with the improving Titans and Jags set to give the Texans a red hot run. Having Watt back is worth three wins to this team.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

Can the Chiefs take the next step with Alex Smith? I don’t believe so and Andy Reid is yet to get the Superbowl monkey off his back. They have a great roster but I don’t see a Superbowl in the tea leaves any time soon. Mahomes will be starting next year. He’s a real gunslinger (pardon the pun).

  1. Dallas Cowboys

The Sophomore curse for Zeke and Dak? Time will tell but if they don’t then the sky’s the limit for the Cowboys. The best O line in football will help but there are questions on D and with Irving facing a four match ban, there could be holes to fill.

  1. New York Giants

Eli has his best ever receiving corps and needs to make good use of them given his age. All the pieces are in place for a Superbowl run and they are one side the Patriots would dread facing in the big dace, should they get there. OBJ should have a career year and that’s saying something given what he has already shown.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben seriously contemplated retirement but with Brown and Bell still in their prime, he’d be mad to hang up the cleats. The best combo in the NFL right now. Their D needs to get nasty again to be a contender.

  1. Atlanta Falcons

Will the Falcons bounce back after the tragedy that was Superbowl LI and will they suffer with Shanahan now in San Fran? A few questions to be answered but they have enough talent to make another run this season. Ryan, Jones and Freeman make for a powerful argument and Beasley is working toward Watt, Mack and Miller status on D

  1. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are a tough one.

Wilson is not quite elite but can be unstoppable on his day. The Seahawks still have an elite D and plug in receivers where necessary. Jimmy Graham will have to be a factor this year for the Seahawks to push for the title one thinks. The twelfth man will have to be in full voice this season if the Seahawks are to make it back to the big dance.

  1. Oakland Raiders

Carr has all the attributes to be an elite signal caller for years. He will get his contract done before camp and continue to light up the league with his superb passing and with Beast Mode on deck, they are about the only team capable of giving the Patriots a run for their money. Where’s my skittles?

  1. Green Bay Packers

The best of the NFC but still a ways behind the Patriots. Rodgers is 33 (and single ladies) so apart from being the best QB in the NFC, he’s also the most eligible! Olivia Munn was a gun but back to football matters. Rodgers is the most accurate passer in the NFL and he possesses the best home ground advantage in the NFL. He needs to use it. I think he will. Having Nelson, Cobb and Bennett to throw to means the Pack should pile up the points and Rodgers the TD’s.

  1. New England Patriots

Still top of the tree despite having no early picks in the draft. Their free agent signings are astute and unless Brady goes down with injury, I doubt any team will get near them. Having a healthy Gronk back along with Cooks to catch the ball makes them scary good. Blount is a loss though. The thing about the Pats you have to admire is they pull off smart deals that make sense and it leaves you wondering, why couldn’t my team do something like that? Clear favourites and the man drives an Aston Martin. What more can you say???




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