Prawnie’s Divisional Power Rankings For Drongos

Prawnie’s Divisional Power Rankings For Drongos

The draft is done and dusted… so pre-season rankings, previews and predictions are flooding the NFL world like Summer rains hitting Lake Eyre.

Fair dinkum, some of these “experts” dance around like Brolgas in Willy-Willy.

So Prawnie has done the rankings that matter.

Division Power Rankings: Best to Worst.

AFC West:

By far the toughest division. All four teams could win the division and conceivably with a lot of luck, make the playoffs. It would be rare as a Stop/Go sign holder doing some work, but not impossible. The Chargers have improved and the Broncos are an unknown commodity at this point based on their QB battle and restructured offensive line. Oakland is the favourite to win the division but anything can and probably will happen in the AFC West this year.

NFC East:

The Cowboys may be a little weaker but the Eagles, Giants and Skins are all capable of winning the division. There should be some bruising match ups in the East this year. Back to the good ol’ days, with the boys goin’ hammer and tongs. There is no clear favourite in the NFC East although I give the Cowboys a slight edge at this stage of the off-season.

NFC South:

This is an interesting division. Carolina looks to have woken from their post superbowl loss/hangover and the Falcons will have the biggest chip on their shoulder this year. However, I’m not sleeping on the Bucs. In fact I really like where they are at and what they are capable of. A high power offense should compensate for an average defence. The Saints are an unknown commodity as they look to rebuild their D but while ever Brees is fit and firing, they could still go off like the French Quarter on a Friday night.

AFC North:

We know the Browns aren’t playoff ready, but they should boast an above-average D with Garrett and Collins real difference makers. They make “difference” like a Quokka makes love – often and without warning. The other side of the ball is a different matter. The Steelers are distinct favourites and have a good schedule but make no mistake, the Ravens and Bengals won’t be making life easy for their hated rivals.

NFC North:

The Pack look like the logical favourites with not much separating the Vikes and Lions. The Bears might spring an upset here and there but the frozen tundra of Lambeau field (like a mother-in-law’s kiss) will be too much of an advantage for the Packers, not to mention a forgiving schedule.

AFC South:

Probably the worst division in football a year ago, but out of the mud and clay, four distinct teams with talent have emerged. The Jags and Titans are moving north and Colts are moving south, with the Texans still slight favourites due to their dominant D, that will welcome back J.J. Watt this year. They’ll clutch on J.J. like the last beer in the esky. Watson may start the season as the first string QB, but it will be their D that wins them the tight ones this year.

NFC West:

This used to be a tough division but it’s now the Seahawks way out in front,  and the rest fighting over the scraps. Russell Wilson would have to go down (and it could happen early) for the remaining teams to get a sniff. The Rams will be testing the air like a Dingo in a butcher shop and for my money, they are about the only team with an outside chance of causing a ripple.

AFC East:

The Patriots are a shoe in to win the East with little resistance from division rivals. They stir up more friction than Giselle Bundchen, but they know how to handle it. The Pats have got a siege mentality that makes the Alamo look like paintball. Reckon the Dolphins are about the only ones with a glimmer of hope but even then the odds are longer than me getting a date with Erin Andrews. (Have faith Prawnie, good things come to those who shower frequently)




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