Stuff Tom Brady!

Stuff Tom Brady!

Tom Brady can get stuffeded. Is this about jealousy? Hell yeah, it’s about jealousy. No one man should have as much as he has.

Six Super Bowl appearances. Four Lombardi Trophies. A $41 million dollar contract. Eight million dollars in endorsement deals. A $5 million mansion in suburban Boston. A $17 million full-floor condo in Manhattan. A supermodel wife.  Movie-star good looks. A placed-just-so chin dimple. The Cinderella story of a sixth-round-pick-turned-greatest-player-in-NFL-history. It’s all just a bit too perfect.

It isn’t just that he has all those things. It’s that he carries himself around knowing he has those things. That smarmy smile and that look-how-cute giggle, telling the world: I can be this comfortable because I’ve got it all.

He’s just too smug, too confident, too successful, too much of a winner. Nobody likes a teacher’s pet, and people really hate a Belichick’s pet.

Especially one who is a cheater. Sorry, Patriots fans, that’s a fact, at least in the NFL’s court of law. Are people bending the rules more than Brady on a weekly basis? Sure they are. But it’s only cheating if you get caught, and Brady got caught.

But none of that has anything to do with why Tom Brady and the Patriots will lose on Sunday. They’ll lose because of Dan Quinn. The Falcons coach is a defensive mastermind. Right now, as Tom Brady is basking in perfection, Dan Quinn is coming up with a plan to stop him. It probably goes something like this:

Ditch the traditional Cover 3 the Falcons usually play. Brady can tear that apart – just look what he did to the Steelers, who run a similar single-high zone, in the AFC Championship Game.

Go man-to-man. Sure, that’s fraught with danger, too, as New England’s pre-snap motion, coupled with pick and crossing routes, can be devastating. But here’s the wrinkle, one that’s troubled Brady before: Instead of rushing five or even four men, rush only three. That leaves five defenders matched up on the Patriots five eligible receivers, plus three more Falcons to clog the middle of the field. That will disrupt the Patriots timing, and force

Brady to throw outside, where he’s less comfortable.

Quinn’s done this once before in the Super Bowl, two years ago in Arizona, where, as the Seahawks defensive coordinator, he orchestrated a plan that forced Brady into two interceptions. Quinn’s defense would have led Seattle to a Super Bowl title, if not for the most famous one-yard pass attempt in NFL history.

And the formula still works. This season, Seattle, with a defense coordinated by Quinn disciple Kris Richard but without the same athleticism as that 2014 team, went into Foxboro and beat the Patriots. They kept Brady out of the endzone and knocked that fucking smile off his face.

And Atlanta’s defense is way better than Seattle’s. Their four rookie starters and last year’s first-round pick Vic Beasley offer high-end speed – the skill that most troubles the Patriots’ offense.

Is that the perfect plan? No, nothing’s perfect. Not even Tom Brady. Not this Sunday, at least.




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